• Cold Dishes

    1:30 p.m. Last Order

    Parma Ham, Italy

    ZUARINA Company since the end of 19th century.

    The greatest Parm Ham aged for 16~18 months without adding any salt except the salt made in Langhirano, the centre of Parma. Our raw material is Landrace pig from Mantova raised with the mix of special regulated cereal and whey during the Parmigiano cheese production. Only 15% of Parma ham producers use this pig.


    Sadogashima Salami, Nigata

    Japanese Salami, lactic acid fermented with raw onion.

    Winning awards in EU and German international contests.


    Assorted Additive-Free Salami, Italy

    Coppa, Sopressa, 2 types of Salami from Veneto, Italy. No preservatives and no antioxidant at all.


    Jamón Ibérico Gran Reserva​

    Joselito, founded in 1968 declared the best jamón ibérico in the world.

    Cured more than 36 months.

    Elegante and refined like velvet. Its smooth fat with Umami melts

    in the mouth.


    Mr. Takeshima's Buffalo Mozzarella, Kisarazu,

    Chiba and Mr. Hotta's Fruit Tomato, Kochi


    Potato Salad from Sasaki Farm,

    Hokkaido and Soft Boiled Egg


    Organic Caesar Salad


    Assorted Organic Fresh Vegetables​


    Organic Green Salad


    Mix Nuts


    Homemade Additive-free Olive, Shizuoka


  • Hot Dishes

    12:00 a.m. Last Order

    Summer Vegetables with Anchovy & Garlic Aroma​


    Shrimp and Mushroom Ajillo


    100% Kobe Beef Hamburger Steak


    Kobe Beef Stew


    French Fries Toya Potato, Sasaki Farm, Hokkaido


    Fried Daisen Chicken,

    Glazed Soy Sauce and Onsen Egg


    Deep Fried Prawn, Tartar Sauce


    Deep Fried Horse Mackerel, Shizuoka


    Menchi Katsu,
    Deep Fried Kobe Beef

    and Free Range Braised Pork​


    Chicken Margherita​

    Daisen Chicken Thigh, Shimane and Mr. Takeshima's Buffalo Mozzarella, Kisarazu, Chiba with Tomato, Basil Flavor


    Roasted Chicken

    (1/2 Portion)


    Today's Pasta


  • Rice Bowls

    Shigureni Beef on Rice




    Hashed Beef with Rice


  • Firewood Grill

    Oak firewood in "Okibi" style from Hida Takayama, Gifu

    11:00 p.m. Last Order

    Lamb Chop​, Australia


    Saga Beef Sirloin (200g)


    Dry Aged Wagyu Beef (250g)

    Wagyu beef dry aged in the NARISAWA's aging cellar.


  • Desserts

    1:30 a.m. Last Order

    Amazon Cacao Gelato


    Matcha Gelato




    Amazon Cacao Chocolate Tart


    Lemon Tart